Nia Michaels
'The Mysterious Stranger', from the Little Stages seriesEast - West, from the Little Stages series'The Winter Brothers', from the Little Stages series'The Voyage' , from the Little Stages series.'Two Sisters'Soliloquy #1Soliloquy #2Soliloquy #3Soliloquy #4St. AmbroseSt. Dominic, Patron Saint of AstronomySt. ChristopherSt. EligiusSt. Joseph, Patron Saint of Real EstateSt. WendelinSt. CatherineSt. NeotSt. Margaret of CortonaSt. ElizabethSt. DorothySt. Anne
My work in series includes:
Patron Saints:Twelve pieces illustrating saints and their patronage. These pieces are also included in a book published by Entre Rios Press.

The Little Stage Series: A series of depicting imaginary plays with vintage tintype images as the actors.

Soliloquies: A continuation of the Little Stage Series. These smaller pieces feature just one tintype actor.