Nia Michaels
House #1, from the Neighborhood seriesHouse #2, from the Neighborhood seriesHouse #3, from the Neighborhood series 'The Mysterious Stranger', from the Little Stages seriesEast - West, from the Little Stages series'The Winter Brothers', from the Little Stages series'The Voyage' , from the Little Stages series.'Two Sisters'Soliloquy #1Soliloquy #2Soliloquy #3Soliloquy #4'Two Kittens''Tiger Lady''Little Girl''Flower Lady 2''Flower Lady 1''Blue Lady''Jewel Man 2''Cowboy''Curly''Red Head 2''Red Head''M. Mouse'Hat and Dress'Doll Head''Cowgirl 2''Cowgirl 1''Masked Cowgirl''Leopard''Kitten''Two Kittens 2''Teddy Bear''Tiger' 'Jewel Man''Crazy Rabbit'St. AmbroseSt. Dominic, Patron Saint of AstronomySt. ChristopherSt. EligiusSt. Joseph, Patron Saint of Real EstateSt. WendelinSt. CatherineSt. NeotSt. Margaret of CortonaSt. ElizabethSt. DorothySt. Anne
My work in series includes:
Patron Saints:Twelve pieces illustrating saints and their patronage. These pieces are also included in a book published by Entre Rios Press.

The Little Stage Series: A series of depicting imaginary plays with vintage tintype images as the actors.

Soliloquies: A continuation of the Little Stage Series. These smaller pieces feature just one tintype actor.